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IKMF’s Hostage-situation seminar program.

Hostage situations | simulation exercises | prevention| escape | close quarter combat | tactics | survival


The krav maga background is not necessary for the participants. Every interested people are welcome. Men and woman as well. From krav maga clubs, different martial arts styles practitioners or new people who want to get closer to a professional self-defence system.

The minimum age limit is 18 years.

Subjects from the program:

  • dealing with armed threats – guns / machine guns
  • use the common object around you as a weapon
  • defend the – hostage escape
  • tactics for survival

..and much more.

Date, time:
2015 march 7., saturday 10:00 – 14:00

Location: Pécs University sport hall, Pécs, Ifjúság út 6.

Seminar fee: 6000.- HUF

Arrive, registration: from 9:30


  • regular training gear
  • towel
  • groin and teeth protectors too
  • you can bring your own training weapons (knife, stick, gun)
  • recommended to bring snack, chocolate to cover some energy deficit.

registration: in advance in email: / 06 30 247 0943
For coaches and training group leaders extra offers!

Details in email: Atilla Jonas / IKMF Hungary director / +36 30 247 0943


Tamir Gilad infos, references

IKMF HQ references:

Hungarian branch

  • facebook: Krav Maga Base
  • +36 30 247 0943

Tamir Gilad leads one more seminar on the 8th of march – Bar Fight Seminar. Info: